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Team Sponsorship

  • Each Team and team member will receive a sponsorship card upon completion of the registration.
  • Every time your team or even a member of your team visits Tailgators, provide you sponsorship card to your server who will apply your purchase value onto your team's account.
  • At the end of your Teams season Tailgators will contribute 15% of your teams total accumulative purchases towards:
  • A year-end party held at our location. 
    8% towards a season end party and 7% towards equipment or league fees

  • If your team accumulates over $5,000.00 in purchases over the season, then Tailgators will contribute:
  • 20% towards a season end party held at our location 
    10% towards a season end party and 10% towards equipment or league fees


    Tailgators will be happy to entertain any additional requests that you or your team might have.  If you are interested in pursuing Team Sponsorship with Tailgators please complete the information in the Team Sponsorship Form and fax it to us at (613) 224-6462 or call us at (613) 224-0249 ext. 24 to arrange a meeting to further discuss details.  Thank you for your interest!

    Download Team Sponsorship form